horrorpunk psychobilly uk
Can you suggest some good female front punkish horror bands?

Oh god right let me think ill just give you some female bands with a bit of spunk

White barons, their song wicked ways is great. 


Theo and the skyscrapers

Babes in toyland

The wolfgangs

Shotgun sweetheart

The duel

The patsy walkers

Daisy Chainsaw

Return of the furies

the leopards

Headless prom queens

Of course Dragster ;)

Top of my head just a few bands for you

Seriously I WISH you lived where I do. You'd be the perfect ghoulie for the girl band I wish to start <33

I always see your posts and think that girl is amazing, thought i was following you! Doh must have not being paying attention as usual! But no that sounds amazing, the best people always live so far away, sucks so much!

Halloween Bone