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I get so jealous of your face, how do you look like the cutest punkest Halloween princess ever?!?!

Awh hahahahahaha thank you i guess but no need to be jealous, i’ve spent many hours in my cave watching horror based films and drinking cider, so this is the outcome, don’t get drunk and watch horror films kids otherwise you end up looking like one hahaha!

Hi! I'm trying to start a new group for punks on facebook where we can share music, ideas, advice, stories, and problems in our community and find ways to make a change and become activists. I'm trying to get a good community going where we can all connect from all over the world and work together to make a change or even just have fun. I'd really love if you wanted to be a part of it! Some of us have no fellow punks in our areas! The group is "Punks, Equal and United" feel free to invite others

sounds good :)

Halloween Bone