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To celebrate 1000 followers and my 23rd birthday on the 18th of july, i am doing a very small give away! If this goes well, I shall be tempted to do a much bigger one in future.

Prizes include (from picture order)

  • Purple 0 ring choker which i have on in the first picture
  • Maximum RNR punk patch
  • Dragster stickers
  • Dragster t-shirt (Flash went a bit crazy! Have them in all sizes man and women sizes S.M only a few L, so t-shirt will be brand new! but they are very limited as they do sell quite quickly, we can sort it out when the give away is over)


  • You must be following me on Tumblr.
  • You can reblog as many times as you like, as reblogs only count

But thats it, feel free to follow me on facebook and i will announce the winner on the 6th of August before i go to Rebellion and will be posted when i get back on the 12th.

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